For years, The Flipbook People have been making weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, and other celebrations in Orlando more special and memorable with our fun photobooths – also known as The Flipbook Studio. But unlike ordinary booths that provide you with a single photo strip, ours can provide you a small 60-page book that you can flip to create a moving picture. This is called a flipbook.

We have been producing flipbooks for Orlando events since 2009. Without fail, we have seen how every client and guest smile whenever they see themselves in these books. We have also proven time and again that we can help create a unique and fun experience for everyone at an event. 

Need more convincing? Here are other reasons why you should hire our Flipbook Studio at your next event.

6 Reasons You Need a Flip Book for Your Event

1. Cool and Unique Keepsake

Our flipbooks are cool keepsakes that your guests can enjoy. Unlike figurines, decorative pieces with your names, and a homemade CD, our flipbooks won’t end up in a corner collecting dust. When your guests see just how cool they are, they would be delighted to bring them home since it’ll be their faces and smiles they’ll see.

Through our flipbooks, you can give your guests a souvenir from the fun moment they had at your event – and be reminded of it every time they flip it. While this isn’t a keepsake one could stick to their fridge, it’s sure to put a smile whenever they see it.

2. Fun and Entertaining

Are you looking for additional entertainment to keep your event going? You can count on us to do just that. With our studio at your venue, we can guarantee you that your guests will have something fun to do. 

When your guests step inside our booth, they can use any prop they want and execute any crazy plan they have. See, to create a flipbook copy, your guests are encouraged to move around. Most of our guests get creative with their tricks. Moonwalk? Cartwheels? Dancing? We have seen them all. 

At The Flipbook People, we will never ask you and your guests to simply stand still and smile. Thus, we can help you create a more fun and entertaining experience at your event. 

3. Inclusive and Interactive

We can accommodate all your guests, from children to the elderly and everyone in between. With our photobooth, even your shyest friends and relatives can take part and enjoy posing, laughing, and acting goofy in front of our camera. Indeed, it’s a great way to include everyone in your party.

Moreover, our Flipbook Studio encourages interaction among your guests. On the day of the event, your guests can interact with each other, catching up and chatting while waiting for their turn. 

4. Versatile and Customizable

We understand that versatility and personalization are important when it comes to hiring or adding anything for your event. This is why we offer flipbooks that you can fully customize to match your theme and party. 

You can customize the studio and your flipbooks however you want. Need a classy metallic sequin backdrop to match your Great Gatsby theme? We can make it happen. If you prefer to have a fun green screen background image or video, we can make that too. You can add your props, logo, initials, hashtag, and select a cover made especially for your event. 

5. Simple and Easy

Now, you might think that a flipbook takes longer to make since it has more pages and it even has a customized cover. But the truth is, our flipbooks only takes 60 seconds to make. It’s that fast and easy. We can make 60 flipbook copies in an hour and we even have expanded studios that can make 100 flipbooks per hour. On the other hand, we can make 30 copies an hour too. So we can accommodate any event size from big to small.  

6. Memorable

Our flipbooks can help create more memorable moments at your event. Those times you and your guests spent inside our booth, laughing, dancing, and just letting loose – while only just seconds – can last for a lifetime through our flipbooks. And the best part of it is that you all have something to show for it. 

If you haven’t experienced our Flipbook Studio and would want to see how our flipbooks look, we’d be delighted to send you a sample. Just contact us and send us a message today or you can call us at 321-438-4819. We’d love to help make your Orlando event a flippin’ party that your guests can remember for a long time.