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Who Are The Flip Book People?

We are not your ordinary photo booth! We don’t print single thin photo strips, we bind a 60-page book of relivable fun and smiles in your hand. We start out with custom designed Flipbook covers preprinted on high quality cover stock. The covers are made just for you and always with your ideas and approval.  What are you waiting for? Hire our flip book photo booth rental today! 

We welcome your guests into the Flipbook Studio armed with props and crazy ideas! Next, we record a 7 second video of guests having fun in the studio. Then the magic begins with a 60 second manufacturing process to produce the “coolest” thing they have ever seen. 

If you need a little help convincing the boss to book us, we can mail you a sample Flipbook. Please contact us below and we will send one out right away. Enquire now to secure the flip book booth rental at your next function!



Any event where you want to create a unique experience for you and your guests – hire a flipbook photo booth rental in Orlando!







Flipbook Photo Booth Rental

The dancing, the drinking, the family and fun you’ll want to remember last night, and the years from now. You won’t need a DVD player, you won’t need a TV, a phone, or even electricity, because you’ve got your Flipbook from the wedding reception! Trust me, you’ll thank us later when seeing our flipbook photo booth at your event. Not only do Flip book for weddings add in the ultimate source of entertainment, but they also provide you with a keepsake for when the night is finished so your special day can live on for many years to come.  

When you show your friends and coworkers how much fun you had, they will envy you the second you place this Flipbook in their hands. If you’re in doubt whether a regular booth or our photo booth flip book, just contact us and we will let you know why ours is better!

We have seen it over a thousand times, the smiles and laughter as they marvel at this little Flipbook from the party. It might not stick to the refrigerator, or easily accept a thumbtack through it, but it sure does know how to make people smile. If you were lucky enough to visit our studio as a guest or from a wedding show, we know you already want this for your reception, so let’s get on with it, and give us a call or email to get started! If you haven’t experienced the Flipbook People yet, we would love to mail you a sample. Please contact us below and we will send you one.  


Don't let your event be a "FLOP", make it a "FLIPPIN" event that your guests will talk about long after the fun ends

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 Why You Need A Flipbook Rental At Your Event?

The Flipbook Studio has been described as a Flipbook Photo Booth and some call it the coolest and neatest little book they have ever held before. It’s a 60 page motion picture book about the size of a business card and as thick as your finger. Everyone of all ages can enjoy the Flipbook Studio. We are nothing like a photo booth and we never asks guests to stand still. We encourage them to move around, dance, play, and interact with their props for only 7 seconds. Once the video completes, we show a playback, laugh about the video, and then we print their Flipbook. Each Flipbook take about 60 seconds to make, but the memories will last a lifetime.

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