Have your guests create a short 7-second video clip, we convert it into a FLIPBOOK, then we finish it off with custom cover. From start to finish the process only takes a few minutes, but the keepsake will be treasured forever. FLIPBOOKS are great for any event where you want to create a unique experience for you and your guests!

Flipbooks are great for any event when you want to create a unique experience for you and your guests!

How much does it cost to have the Flipbook people come to my event ?

We charge by the hour and have a two hour minimum. To get an accurate quote, please Contact Us.

Are you a Wedding Planner, DMC, Event Planner, or Banquet Manager for a hotel or venue – please contact us for special rates.

What do the The Flipbook People need at my event ?

We need a 10x10 floor space and our background needs to be placed against a solid wall. We can be flexible on the layout, but we must discuss this ahead of time so we can make sure it’s safe for you and your guests. We also need a good source of power nearby, and two 6 foot tables with matching linens, preferably black. Our equipment is very heavy, we use a rolling cart to bring the equipment in. We must have the ability to roll our cart in and/or use an elevator to arrive at the deployment area.

Do you travel outside of the Central Florida Area ?

Yes, There are additional travel fees based on location. Call for actual pricing to your location. We typically have no travel fees within 60 miles of 32801.

How many Flipbooks do I get?

Our Standard Flipbook Studio can produce up to 60 Flipbooks per hour. The Expanded Flipbook Studio can produce up to 100 Flipbooks per hour. For smaller parties where guest count is less than 30 and when the studio is deployed at a home or small venue, we have a special setup to produce up to 30 Flipbooks an hour.

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